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Tea party ideas

Big in japan

The Japanese love their tea. So much so, they hold full-on tea ceremonies to celebrate it. These sacred events are even hosted by tea masters who train for years to perfect their technique. So what’s it all about?

Called Chanoyu in Japan, the ceremony literally means the Way of Tea. While the Japanese have been drinking green tea since the fourth century, it wasn’t until the eighth century that the tradition of formal tea ceremonies began. With roots in Zen philosophy, the idea is to remove yourself from the modern world by seeking harmony and inner peace – over a cup of tea. 

Hosting your own (modern, less formal) version of a Japanese Tea Ceremony is a fun thing to do with friends. You don’t need years of training (phew!), just a few simple items and ideas to get things started.


1. Tea – Matcha is the traditional choice but there are hundreds of different tea blends that will work just as well. Try refreshing Lipton® Peach Mango Herbal Tea, or if you want to stick with tradition, Lipton® Magnificent Matcha Ginger is a fiery, earthy tea perfect for adding some spice to your modern tea ceremony.


2. A Japanese tea pot and bowls – if not a lovely decorative tea pot and cups will do.

3. Sweet desserts – to provide a lovely contrast and accompaniment to the tea.

4. Mini napkins – to wipe the side of the tea bowls before sipping.

5. Silk cloth – for your tea table.

6. Flowers – a central arrangement on your table is a real plus.

7. Invitations – the Japanese send theirs out weeks before the event (plus it builds anticipation!).


On the day, simply serve, sip and enjoy a mindful moment with great friends and a delicious Japanese tea. And there you have it – you’re ready to host your own Japanese Tea Ceremony!