IT TAKES ALL TYPESIT TAKES ALL TYPESWhether you’re new to drinking tea or you’ve been sipping it for years, here’s a handy guide to the types of tea you can enjoy. // TAKES ALL TYPESIT TAKES ALL TYPES800800




Whether you’re new to the delights of drinking tea or you’ve been sipping it for years, here’s a handy guide to the different types of tea you can enjoy. Looking for something to start your day on the right note? Need a moment to sit back and take five? Well, you’ve come to the right place to find the perfect brew for every occasion.


Of all the teas in all the world, black tea is the most popular. We pick the leaves, dry them for up to 24 hours, roll them, dry them, the leave them to rest and oxidize. Finally, we apply 1832° of heat to get them ready for shipping. Simply add milk or lemon and you’re ready to go.


Green tea is made with a smaller type of leaf. It was initially an Asian brew which has become a firm favorite in the West too. Preparation involves younger leaves and less oxidation than darker teas to produce a more delicate and fragrant taste. And from Matcha to Mandarin, we have a delicious range of green teas for you to choose from.


Herbal teas aren’t technically teas at all because they’re not made from the traditional tea leaf. But these aromatic herbal infusions have gained a deserved place in the tea world and won over the hearts and taste buds of tea lovers everywhere. With such a wide selection of delicious flavors to choose from, if you’re not sure where to start, why not try our peach and berry infusions?

The sky’s the limit when it comes to your choice of teas, but trying different flavors is half the fun. You never know what delicious new taste lies around the corner.