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Unsweetened Iced Tea K-Cup
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Unsweetened Iced Tea K-Cup

Lipton Iced Tea Unsweetened Tea K-Cups deliver a rich, aromatic cup of unsweetened iced black tea you can enjoy anytime. This iced black tea is classic and America’s best iced tea with Lipton tea leaves picked at the peak of flavor and brewed over ice. Brew hot over ice with your Keurig machine to enjoy your Lipton Iced Tea Unsweetened Tea K-Cups in three simple steps, 1. Fill, Place a 16-oz cup filled with ice under your brewer. 2. Brew, insert K-Cup pack and brew on 6-oz or 8oz setting. 3. Enjoy, Stir it up and sip away!A Lipton Iced Tea Unsweetened Tea K-Cups is the most convenient way to enjoy the perfect cup of iced tea. Sip and let great-tasting refreshing Lipton Iced Tea Unsweetened brighten your day!

24 Ct

  • Brew over ice to enjoy the perfect iced tea in seconds with delicious and aromatic Iced Tea Unsweetened Tea K-Cups

  • Made from real pressed leaves

  • Awaken and uplift your mood

  • Simply use Lipton Iced Tea Unsweetened Tea K-Cups with a Keurig machine

  • Made with only 100% Rainforest Alliance certified tea

  • Makes 24 cups