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Organic Green Tea 50 Tea Bags
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Organic Green Tea 50 Tea Bags

Lipton Organic Green Tea Bags are crafted with a smooth, balanced taste by our master blenders. This green tea blend contains nutty roasted flavor from pan-fired Chinese tea leaves, smooth Argentinian tea from a family-owned estate, and a delicate aroma from Darjeeling tea, grown at the foothills of the Himalayas. Also, green tea can help support a healthy heart as part of a balanced diet*. Containing 130mg of flavonoids per serving, no calories, no added sugars, and made of 99.5% water, Organic Green Tea is more than just a beverage—it’s a staple of holistic wellness, an invigorating part of a new routine, and it’s just as hydrating as water. This naturally delicate organic green tea can be served hot or cold. Plus, it’s easy to brew! For hot tea, add 8 fl-oz of just-under boiling water over an organic green tea bag for 2 minutes, remove the tea bag and enjoy! For iced tea, pour 2 cups of just-under boiling water to a pitcher with 4 organic green tea bags, wait 2 minutes, remove the tea bags, and add ice. This organic green tea contains 33mg of caffeine, compared to 96mg of caffeine per 8 fl-oz of coffee.

50 Ct

  • 100% ORGANIC GREEN TEA: Made with premium organic tea leaves sourced from tea growers around the world

  • LOVE YOUR HEART: Lipton Organic Green Tea contains about 130mg of flavonoids per serving, 0 calories, 0g added sugars, and is 99.5% water

  • NATURALLY DELICATE AND REFRESHING green tea blend crafted for its smooth taste, delicate aroma, and earthy roasted flavor

  • EASY TO MAKE: Enjoy hot by adding just under boiling water over a tea bag for 2 minutes, or cold by adding just-under-boiling water to a pitcher with 4 tea bags for 2 minutes, then adding ice

  • ENJOY HOT OR ICED: Brew a hot cup of green tea to feel warm and invigorated, or brew a pitcher of crisp iced green tea to feel refreshed