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Lipton Chocolate Chai Latte Mix Tea Bags
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Lipton Chocolate Chai Latte Mix Tea Bags

Love trying out new cafe-style latte flavors, but don't want to pay the high coffeehouse price? Want to create a cafe-style experience easily and conveniently at home? Lipton Chocolate Chai Latte is the ultimate answer to them all. Indulge in this creamy, rejuvenating tea that combines black tea with rich cocoa and organic chai spices. This Lipton Tea Latte is a great option for those who like their tea with a creamy, chocolatey twist, and is a smart alternative to an expensive coffee shop. Simply add dairy or any plant-based milk of your choice, stir and enjoy it hot or cold. This Chai Latte has no artificial flavors, colors or sweeteners, and is sweetened with real cane sugar — and it's crafted with the same level of quality for which Lipton has always been known. Lipton Tea Lattes are the perfect beverage for any time of day during any season!

4.78 Oz

  • Treat yourself to a Café experience

  • Just add hot or iced plant based or dairy of your choice for a delicious chocolate chai treat

  • Made with no artificial colors, flavors or sweeteners