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Today, iced tea might seem like a no-brainer on a hot day. But while people around the world have been enjoying hot tea for centuries, iced tea’s history is a relatively recent story. So, if you’re sitting comfortably, we’d like to tell you how iced tea grew to become so popular, the USA even has a National Iced Tea Day (June the 10th if you wanted to know.)

Lipton store

The origins of Lipton® Iced Tea lie with our very own Sir Thomas Lipton. After opening his first grocery stores in Glasgow in 1871, where he sold tea to his customers, he saw the potential in this deliciously aromatic beverage and bought a number of tea fields in Ceylon (now Sri Lanka). 

This was the beginning of a revolution which would see him democratize tea. Believing it should be enjoyed by everyone and not just the wealthy, Sir Thomas found cheaper ways to package and transport tea and make it available to the man on the street. Lipton® tea became an instant success and spread around the world. It is now enjoyed by millions of people every day.



However, it wasn’t until 1879 that iced tea made its first appearance in print – in a cookery book called Housekeeping in Old Virginia. In the book, the author recommended steeping green tea for a day, then to “fill the goblets with ice, put two teaspoonfuls of granulated sugar in each, and pour the tea over the ice and sugar.”

But the big break for iced tea came 25 years later at the St. Louis 1904 World’s Fair. The hot weather inspired tea farm owner Richard Blechynden to add ice to his free tea samples. The cool and refreshing result was an instant hit. It was this promotional giveaway that brought iced tea to popular attention.

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We introduced our first iced tea powder mix to the USA in 1964, reaching Europe in 1978 and since then, our Iced Tea brand has continued to grow and grow. In fact, bottled Lipton® Iced Tea, which we launched in 1991, is now available in more than 100 countries worldwide. Feeling creative? Why not try making your own iced tea at home; with Lipton recipes and products it has never been easier to enjoy and make fresh iced tea.


Today with Iced Tea popular the world over, we offer a huge range of exciting flavors. From classic and still to lemon, peach and mango, we have an Iced Tea for every occasion. Why not join millions of people around the world and brighten up your day with a deliciously cool Lipton® Iced Tea?