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Pack it in!

Did you know that the unnecessary paper used on tea sleeves could circle the world four times? That’s a lot of wasted paper, and something we’re trying to help change.

When you sip your favorite cup of Lipton (R) tea, we want you to feel happy knowing you’ve done your bit for the planet, too. These days, what concerns many people is the excessive use of packaging surrounding a lot of our everyday products. It’s why at Lipton, we are constantly working to maintain the high quality of our teas – while minimizing the amount of packaging we use. 

Natural Energy Pack


We’ve done this by designing products and packaging that use less raw materials and are easier to dispose of. Our Lipton(R) family-size boxes now use over 40% less packaging material than previously (big thumbs up for that!). The boxes themselves are more compact than ever yet still easy to open – and we’ve also removed the individual paper wraps which has made a huge difference in reducing our waste.

Plus, we now source most of the paper we use, from the world’s largest certification systems: PEFC (Programme for the Endorsement of Forest Certification) and FSC (Forest Stewardship Council). This guarantees that wood, and wood-based products, like our Lipton packaging originate from sustainably-managed forests, with a properly maintained ecosystem and respect for local workers’ rights

Tea in a spoon


Of course, the big question in all this, is how do we keep our tea fresh without those little individual wrappings? That’s a very good question. Thankfully, the paper wrappings aren’t the thing keeping your tea fresh in the first place (phew!). Because they aren’t airtight. Instead, the fresh flavor from a Lipton cup of tea is locked down at the crafting process.

So, your last sip from one of our boxes will be just as delicious as your first. And it’s not just our tea bags that are created and packaged this way – if you’re a tea-leaf lover, then our loose tea is also now packaged sustainably and just as fresh, too. 



All this make sense in terms of economic sustainability, too. It’s the goal of our parent company (Unilever) to reduce the weight of its packaging by a third, by 2020 (Super Script1) . It has been tracking its waste footprint since 2010. And in line with this, our driving principle is to reduce, reuse and recycle where we can. It’s a big task. Yet one which Lipton are also committed to being part of - whether that’s in recycling improvements, packaging innovations or reducing the weight of the materials we use. We’re dedicated to the environment in other ways too.

For starters, we’ve planted more than 1.3 million trees to fight deforestation. So, step by step, little by little, we are trying to help create a cleaner, greener planet and a sustainable lifestyle for our customers.