HOW CAN TEA BE PART OF YOUR BEDTIME ROUTINE?HOW CAN TEA BE PART OF YOUR BEDTIME ROUTINE?Never get enough sleep? Check out how to improve your bedtime routine and follow our sleeping tips all the way to dreamland.// CAN TEA BE PART OF YOUR BEDTIME ROUTINE?HOW CAN TEA BE PART OF YOUR BEDTIME ROUTINE?800800




Sleep Time Tea Rituals for a Better Bedtime Routine

As you’ll know from your weekend lie-ins, nothing beats a good long sleep. Smoothies and sun salutations aside, the most effective route to wellbeing costs nothing at all. Shakespeare called sleep the “chief nourisher of life’s feast”, and he was right: it nourishes the mind and body better than anything else.

Ever found yourself forgetting things when you’re tired? Feeling run down, irritable, stressed or hungry? Perhaps you’re only a few hours into your day and already craving a nap? We’ve all been there, and no one feels quite their best selves going without regular, high quality sleep.

Good sleep is important. You’d think we’d be better at prioritizing it and knowing how to get better sleep. But life gets in the way. The National Sleep Foundation recommends seven to nine hours a night— now that’s a lot less than the 19.9 hours brown bats need! Even so, a third of Americans aren’t meeting their sleep quota. For screen-obsessed teenagers, it’s even worse: 97% aren’t sleeping enough. It’s a trend that’s bad not just for our bodies, but for our banks: sleep deprivation costs the US $411 billion a year.

A solid bedtime routine can help you get the zzzs you need. Don’t break the bank on an expensive weighted blanket, sunlight simulator or sleep spray. A sleep time tea, long hot soak or walk round the block may be the natural sleep aid you need, and have you drifting off in no time.

Here are our top 10 tips for a better sleep routine:

  • Skip the siesta: Tempting as it may be, a long afternoon nap will confuse your body clock and make it harder to sleep when the time’s right. A short 20-minute power nap should do the trick.

  • Decaffeinate: It might get us through the day, but caffeine certainly doesn’t get us through the night. Cut the caffeine and switch to herbal tea six hours before bedtime. Thankfully, Lipton Bedtime Bliss is naturally caffeine-free.

  • Walk it out: Regardless of whether you have a dog, a nightly stroll is surefire way to clear your head and exercise can be a sleep aid - whether you have trouble sleeping or nod off in no time. Get out there and pound the pavement.

  • Reconnect: Whether it’s phoning a friend, reading your kids a bedtime story catching up with your partner over a cup of herbal tea, making time for people you love is one of the best ways to try and help you unwind and relax. 

  • Be mindful: Commit just ten minutes each evening to forgetting all the outside noise and tuning into yourself. That could be mindfully brewing a cup of Lipton Bedtime Bliss, noticing the aroma build and the color deepen - allowing time for the water to cool and for your mind to calm before experiencing that first sip.

  • Optimize your environment:

     Everything from lighting to feng shui can affect your mood. Light a candle, put your favorite record on, and feel yourself unwind. Prime your bedroom for sleeping, whether that means getting blackout blinds or ditching the noisy alarm clock.

  • Have a nightcap:Treat yourself to some night time tea. With its relaxing herbal infusion of chamomile, mint and orange peel,Lipton Bedtime Bliss is like a lullaby in a cup that sings you to sleep.

  • Soak it off:Looking for a sleep remedy that doubles as a pamper session? Make some me-time for a long hot soak with bubbles and Epsom salts – yes you heard right, you've got our permission to be fancy! Get a bath bridge so you can read a book and enjoy

     Lipton Bedtime Bliss while you bathe. Did you know Bedtime Bliss tea botanicals are blended with chamomile essential oils? Adding a splash of chamomile to your bath too makes for a 360-degree chamomile experience!

  • Give thanks:

  • Just before you turn in for the night, write down three things you’re grateful for. Research has shown that gratitude increases self-esteem and reduces social comparisons, so your mind will be calm and clear as you drift off.

  • Music to your ears:Create yourself a chill-out playlist to lull you to that sleepy state. Set your phone to airplane mode, brew yourself a cup of Lipton Bedtime Bliss and let the taste and tune combination sing you to sleep. The ultimate bedtime concert, audience of one!