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What to Know About the Partnership Lipton Tea is joining forces with Full Cart, a nonprofit and first nationwide fully virtual food pantry, to make heart friendly nutrition and grocery assistance more accessible. Lipton is contributing $275,000 to Full Cart to help provide 350,000 servings* of heart-friendly food to people in need, delivered directly to their doorstep. 2,500 food insecure families will each receive two of Full Cart’s shelf-stable food boxes. Each of Lipton and Full Cart’s collaborative boxes includes a variety of heart-friendly, shelf-stable pantry items such as dried vegetable pasta, whole grain brown rice, beans, and vegetable risotto, alongside one box of Lipton Unsweetened Green Tea and one box of Lipton Unsweetened Black Tea.  The boxes will also include nutritious recipes to help educate recipients on how to make easy, affordable, family meals at home.

What is the Relationship Between Hunger and Heart Health?

  • Heart disease remains the leading cause of death1 in the United States, and the prevalence of heart disease/cardiovascular disease (CVD) is six times higher2 in households with very low food security.

  • While food pantries provide much needed support, many people can’t get to them because of lack of transportation and time constraints.

  • According to recent data from U.S. Hunger, of families requesting food assistance 42.6% report a lack of access to transportation to go to grocery stores that provide fresh and healthy food options.3

What is the Relationship Between Tea and Heart Health?

Tea is one of the best sources of flavonoids in the diet, Unsweetened tea—like Lipton Unsweetened Green and Black Tea—is a budget-friendly beverage that can also help support a healthy heart due to the fact it is hydrating, contains zero calories, zero added sugars, and provides flavonoids. which are natural, dietary compounds associated with heart health benefits. For more information, visit

*The number of servings were calculated using values declared on the Nutrition Fact Panel of the products in Full Cart boxes.  This does not account for any changes to labels or products that may occur. 

What is Full Cart?