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Lunch breaks

Lunch breaks


Make your lunch break count. Here are 5 ways to feel happy, refreshed and ready for more.

Let’s face it, eating at your desk means you just don’t get the benefits of lunchtime – that chance to clear your head. Why not reclaim your lunch break for something you love? It’s easy with these top tips.

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1. Get together with friends
Go for a walk, visit a mall or just chill with friends in the closest outdoor area. Give your mind and body a break from screens and do something that involves fresh air, sunlight or culture. It can be for as little as fifteen minutes – just enough time to give you a break from work and a reminder to appreciate what’s around you. You’ll spend the rest of the day feeling refreshed, we promise.

2. Stop and regroup
Uh oh. Occasionally the morning runs away with itself and a chunk of the to-do list has been left undone. Our advice? Don’t run away, regroup. Sit down in a quiet place with your lunch, preferably not your desk, and make a task list. By setting priorities for the rest of the day you will feel 100% more prepared to take it on. Be realistic and stay focused. And remember, Lipton Ice Tea breaks are crucial to this.

3. Mingle with new people
Do you eat lunch with the same handful of team members every day, or grab a sandwich by yourself at your desk? Branch out a bit – why not head to the kitchen with some new people? Turn small talk at the water cooler into meaningful conversations over lunch and some Lipton Ice Tea. Not only will you expand your professional network, but you’ll probably spark a few new friendships. You won’t regret it.

4. Take a cat nap
Don’t be shy, the company break-out furniture is there for good reason, so get snoozin’. Research says a 10-20 minute nap can be hugely beneficial to productivity, alertness and cognitive performance. But don’t overdo it – the key here is timing. A five-minute sleep is obviously way too short to make a difference to your mood, while 30 minutes will leave you feeling groggy and out of it. Stay in the 10-20 minute zone and you’ll be rested and refreshed.

5. Give back
Arrange to visit an animal centre twice a month on your lunch break? Or take time to do a quick litter cleanup on the streets in your area? Giving back to your community is a way to feel connected to others. Contact a charitable organisation in your area and see how you can help, with the time you have. It doesn’t take much to make a huge difference.