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Lipton Tea Story Hero



It’s one of the world’s best-loved drinks, a staple of millions of kitchens around the globe, and billions of cups of it are enjoyed every day. But did you know that tea has been giving people a refreshing lift for thousands of years? Let us take you on a little journey through the history of the world’s favorite beverage.

Lipton History

Mystical beginnings

The origin of tea is shrouded in myths and stories. From Chinese Emperors to Portuguese princesses, the history of tea is as rich as its taste. The earliest references to drinking tea originate from China where legend has it that a leaf fell into water being boiled for Emperor Shen Nung and he found the taste refreshing. Little did he know, he’d just invented the first cup of tea.


Tea smuggling

In Britain, high tea prices opened the doors for smuggling and illegal tea drinking. In fact, during the 18th century, more tea was smuggled into the country than was imported legally. It wasn’t until the government reduced taxes and our very own Sir Thomas Lipton brought tea to the masses, that it became the popular drink it remains today.

Lipton History

It’s in the bag

It was actually a New York merchant, Thomas Sullivan, who invented the tea bag – by accident. Sullivan sent samples of tea to his customers in silk bags and they assumed that both the tea and bag should be put in the pot. It worked surprisingly well, and the tea bag was born.

A great big thank you

So next time you join us for a refreshing cup of Lipton® tea, be sure to raise a cup to the rich history of folk who made tea the great thing it is today. Thanks everyone!