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Special days

Special days


Special Days like Valentine’s Day or Birthdays can be life’s big moments and can add to the pressure people feel when thinking of what great gifts to give. But it doesn’t have to be about the gift. Why not change it up and look at it with a different perspective.

Here are a few ways, we at Lipton Ice Tea, have looked at making these days special by reconnecting with people and friends. 

A heartfelt valentine’s day
Valentine’s Day is about love. Whether you’re in a relationship or not. It’s not just for couples, but about sharing the love between people. Why not use the day to celebrate friendships and people who are special in your life. If Valentine’s Day happens over a weekend, round up your friends for a picnic or a house party.

You can find our House Party tips here or the best picnic planning here. You can also write little notes for your friends and family just to tell them Thank You for being a part of your life.

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Creative birthday flair
Birthdays are a special time. You’re celebrating another year of life, and well wishes for the year ahead. A great way to add a little creative flair to a birthday and to mark another year is to look back at memories. Why not create a scrapbook of memories to record the time with your friends or family, and to leave space for new memories to be made in the year ahead.

Mzansi special days
In South Africa, we have many special days. These celebrate our culture and our history. Sometimes these also let us have long weekends. This is time spent chilling, enjoying the outdoors, and having catch-up sessions with friends or family that you don’t see often. Whatever it is you get up to, reward yourself with some Lipton Ice Tea. You can also find out more about how to make long weekends special right here.

No matter what the special day that you are celebrating is, give it a little creative flair and do it your way. Don’t feel pressurised by it. Sometimes it’s as simple as a visit to a friend.