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Plan Your House Party

Plan Your House Party


Who said you have to go out to have fun? Let the fun come to you by hosting a house party. From signature drinks to personalised playlists, here’s a few planning ideas to make your night lit.

1. Music is key
Playlists are a must. Parties start out chilled, get lively as the night goes on, and quiet down towards the end. Good music is key to creating the right vibe for each part of the night. We suggest creating a couple of playlists ahead of time so that you’re prepared. Nothing is more awkward than silent pauses at a party whilst someone frantically picks the next track. Take charge and use these three moods as a starting point for your playlists:

  • Meet and greet - chilled vibes, let’s get to know each other
  • Dance floor - where we see all the two-steps and voshos
  • End of the night - winding down


2. Tell a friend, to tell a friend
What’s a party without the people? A good house party is always packed with guests. A simple trick to getting the numbers you need is to ask each friend to bring one or two extra “friends”. This will help fill up the house with the exciting buzz of people, plus you’ll have the opportunity to make a few new friends.

Suger free ice tea can

3. Snacks and more snacks
All that socialising and dancing is definitely going to build up an appetite, don’t be the host that forgot the food. You’ll need a variety of salty and sweet, hot and cold snacks. Think about some of South Africa’s favourites, biltong, hot wings, quiche, chips and dip, nachos – anything that is easy to prep and share between friends. For dessert, ice cream cones, cake pops or just a bowl of chocolates are the perfect quick sweet treat. And then wash it all down with some chilled Lipton Ice Tea, naturally.

4. Create a signature mocktail
Mix a mocktail that has been specially designed for your party. Choose your favourite ingredients, give it a name and get some cool glasses to serve it in - fun presentation will make it even more appealing. Prep it ahead of time so that you have a delicious welcome drink to kick off the evening.

Top tip: Use Lipton Ice Tea as the base of your mocktail for a refreshing and delicious taste. If you’re looking for inspiration, check out some of our recipes here.

5. Throw in a game or two
If you’re having a big crowd, group games can bring loads of laughs. Whip out some board games and let guests start games as the night goes on, or get everyone involved with a 30 Seconds tournament. If you’re looking for something a little more active, why not try some #LITSummer Pong? All you’ll need is some wide plastic cups, a ping pong ball and your favourite Lipton Ice Tea. Check out how our giant #LITSummer Pong was played here.