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How to plan the perfect picnic

How To Plan The Perfect Picnic

World of Ice Tea

Expecting good weather this weekend? Sounds like it’s time for some fresh air. Pack a picnic basket with your favourite treats and head outside. Sunshine and good times are waiting...

Grab your crew
No picnic is complete without some company. Mix it up a bit by asking each friend to bring a buddy - this way, we all make new friends. The more the merrier, right? It could be anybody – a work colleague, a classmate or your training partner. It’s all about enjoying the outdoors with friends...old and new.

Lipton peach ice tea art work

Have a mix of treats
It’s never a real picnic without a good mix of drinks and snacks - so you need to be organised. Always remember to ask each person to bring something specific. This way, the picnic has a variety of treats and flavours, including some Lipton Ice tea, of course. In fact, we recommend you prepare a giant jug of your favourite flavour Lipton Ice Tea with fresh lemon slices and mint leaves. Don’t forget a cooler box filled with ice.

For a twist, you can also try some of our delicious mocktail recipes here.

Plan the entertainment
You know the drill. Bring your speakers, board games and soccer balls – they're all great ways to work up an appetite and have fun. Something lively like charades works well and helps to break the ice between people who don’t know each other yet. Another top tip is to ask your group to add their favourite songs to your ‘picnic playlist’ and you’ve got music that everyone will enjoy.

Have a plan b
It’s happened to all of us. The weather report predicts sunny days for the weekend but it rains. Or maybe your “get together” had been planned months in advance and so you decide to take a risk with a cloudy forecast and secretly hope it won’t rain. This is why you must have a plan B.

The last thing you want is everyone standing in the rain without knowing what’s next. Make sure you know where the closest restaurant or mall are beforehand. Just in case you need to make a run for it should the weather not be on your side.