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Get party ready

Get Party Ready

World of Ice Tea

With so much happening these days - that festival, concert, music in the park or beach party - it’s hard to actually keep up. Tunes, friends and the chance to dress up? Sounds perfect to us. It’s about the crew, the supplies and something chilled to go along with that… like Lipton Ice Tea.

We all can’t wait for it, but here’s how to get the most, be prepared and make it a LIT one.

Lipton lemon ice tea can

Get the crew together!
Your crew makes the party better. Who will be by your side as you jam to your favourite bands at your favourite festival or concert? Memories with the crew last a long time. Make sure to get them up to speed weeks before the party or festival, decide who is bringing what and how you’re getting there. It's about the crew and preparation.

Plan the outfits
If it’s a festival you’re after, what’s three days-worth of dirt caked on you? If it’s a concert or party, you want to stand out in the crowd but be completely comfortable. This might require some gigantic headwear – anything from a Stetson to that fabulous headband. This is the moment to be your own hero, fashion-wise.

But ultimately you need to be able to move and have a good time. So make sure you’re prepared with those slops, sneakers and possibly a raincoat or jacket that is waterproof. No one can ever predict how the weather could change.

Be smart, bring supplies
Yes, there are food trucks and drink carts. But if you depend on them solely for drinks and a little chow - you’d never hear any music. If you are allowed to enter with food and possibly a cooler box, bring snacks and plenty of liquids: water and Lipton® Ice Tea, obviously. For an extra treat, why not mix your own mocktails with Lipton® Ice Tea? Check out our Lipton® Ice Tea Mojito here. Also, never forget a portable phone charger (your ever-important power bank) - selfies don’t take themselves.

Nothing says LIT like a LIT Summer. Be prepared, go out there, have the best time, and take summer to the next level with Lipton® Ice Tea.