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4 Ways To Make Breakfast Brilliant


Breakfast might be the most important meal of the day, but we think it could also be the most fun. With plenty of food and stories to share, it’s a perfect way to bond and plan for the day ahead. Here’s how you can make breakfast extra-special.

Breakfast doesn’t have to be a formal, sit-down meal around the table. Why not make it a late morning get-together where people come and go over the course of two or three hours? Organise a buffet with lots of food - you’ll be able to do some quality mingling without having to fuss over setting the table. Or why not take it outside and make it a breakfast braai? Prepare your breakfast sausages and some veggies over the fire while catching up with your guests.

Lipton Rooibos ice Tea

Another way to add a little fun to breakfast is by having an interactive dish. Prepare food that everyone at the table can add to or make their own. A great example would be to make a stack of crumpets, with loads of toppings and sides laid out for everyone to add. This way each person can create the crumpets they are craving and have fun whilst putting them together.

South Africa has some of the best and biggest breakfasts, so why not show it off? Make all the traditional favourites - bacon and eggs, boerewors sausages, baked beans chakalaka, sauteed mushrooms and some crispy toast on the side. Of course, no South African breakfast is complete without something sweet on the table… crepes with cinnamon and sugar, scones topped with jam, and your favourite box of buttermilk rusks are bound to fill the gap.

And if you’re having guests over you could even ask each person to bring their own local breakfast speciality for even more variety, in true South African style.

Usually, breakfast is all about the food, with drink options being limited to tea, coffee or orange juice. Why not refresh your breakfast with something a little more exciting? Mix it up with a delicious breakfast punch made from Lipton Ice Tea and fresh fruit. Or if you prefer a few bubbles, Lipton Ice Tea with lemonade over crushed ice is always a winner. Add some fresh mint, berries or lemon to decorate your punch of choice. Also, check out more of our delicious Lipton Ice Tea recipes here.