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Tea + Probiotic Glow Powdered Tea Sachets
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Tea + Probiotic Glow Powdered Tea Sachets

Lipton Glow is made with hibiscus, mate and vitamin C for a refreshingly balanced blend that can be enjoyed cold. In easy-to-mix individual sachets that are a great alternative to tea bags, it's the perfect drink to take with you on the go — and one you can enjoy at work, in the car or after your workout. Glow from within when you add a cup or two of this tea beverage to your regular weunilever:lipton/product/highlights/wellness routines. Our Glow blend contains probiotics. We recommend enjoying two cups a day of this delicious Lipton tea drink to get the maximum benefit. It's so easy to prepare — all you have to do is add it to iced water, stir or shake, and enjoy! Those who have tried stress tea, detox tea and other teas will enjoy the goodness of Glow.

12 Ct

  • Formulated with hibiscus, mate tea and vitamin C, plus added probiotics

  • Add two cups a day of this herbal tea drink to your weunilever:lipton/product/highlights/wellness routine

  • Contains mate, hibiscus and vitamin C for a refreshing pick-me-up you can enjoy any time of day, or on the go

  • Refreshingly delicious, these convenient sachets make it easy to enjoy different kinds of teas