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The History of Lipton® ICED Tea

Today, iced tea might seem like a no-brainer on a hot day. But it wasn’t always so popular. Find out how cold became the new hot in this history of Lipton® Iced Tea.

Lipton® was founded in 1890 by Sir Thomas Lipton. From humble beginnings as the son of Glaswegian shopkeepers, Thomas Lipton went on to revolutionize the tea industry.

Tea was originally only for the wealthy, but Sir Thomas wanted to bring it to the masses. By changing the way tea was packaged and shipped, he showed how tea could be less expensive. His constant drive for innovation made Lipton® one of the biggest tea brands in the world.

The History of Iced Tea

A long history paved the way for Lipton® Iced Tea.

Iced tea made its first appearance in printed records in 1879 in a cookery book called Housekeeping in Old Virginia. In the book, Marion Cabell Tyree recommended steeping green tea for a day, then to “fill the goblets with ice, put two teaspoonful’s granulated sugar in each, and pour the tea over the ice and sugar.”

It didn’t completely catch on though. The big break for iced tea came 25 years later at the St. Louis 1904 World’s Fair. Hot weather inspired plantation owner Richard Blechynden to add ice to his free tea samples, and the refreshing result was an instant hit. It was this promotional giveaway that brought iced tea to popular attention.

The History of Lipton® Iced Tea

Lipton® Iced Tea has taken many forms over the years. Lipton® introduced its first iced tea powder mix to the USA in 1964, reaching Europe in 1978.

After that, the brand grew steadily, with Lipton® bottled iced tea launching in 1991. This ready-to-drink variety of Lipton® Iced Tea is available in more than 100 countries around the world.

Lipton® Iced Tea Today

As Iced Tea became popular the world over, Lipton® developed even more new and exciting flavors.

From classic still , there’s an Iced Tea for every occasion. Whichever you choose, Lipton® is dedicated to bringing you a delicious iced tea taste.

Why not join millions of people around the world and brighten up your day with a Lipton® Iced Tea?

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