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Good Things Do Come In Smaller Packaging

Did you know the unnecessary paper used on tea sleeves could circle the earth four times? That’s a lot of waste paper. We believe Lipton® packaging should keep your tea fresh with minimal harm to the planet.

Millions of tea lovers around the world enjoy the delicious, bold taste of Lipton® teas every day. We have worked to keep that flavorful taste, but with less packaging.

Lipton® Tea Packaging

Lipton® family-size boxes use over 40% less material than our previous packaging. To reduce our environmental footprint, we’ve removed the individual paper wraps and made the boxes more compact.

Our family size packs are easy to open and keep each batch of Lipton® tea fresh, with no extra paper waste from the tea bags

Sealing in Freshness

You may be asking yourself, “How does the tea stay fresh without the individual wrapping?” That’s a very good question.

Well, paper wrapping doesn’t actually provide a freshness seal like people think, since it’s not airtight. Surprising, right?

The fresh flavor in Lipton® teas is instead locked in through our crafting process, ensuring your last sip from a box is as delicious as the first. This means you can enjoy the same great-tasting teas you’ve come to love, just without the waste. 

Lipton® Loose Leaf Tea Packaging

It’s not just our tea bags that are sustainably packaged. Our loose leaf tea is also packaged to keep it fresh, without affecting our sustainability promise.

Get Creative with Tea

Get Creative with Tea