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Recycling is very important to Lipton as waste has a detrimental impact on our environment. Recycling aids pollution reduction, which is in turn caused by waste. Recycling reduces our need for raw materials, and the environmental impact of our lifestyles.


At Lipton we are passionate about finding innovative ways of improving our recycling impact. With our recyclable packaging we’re not only being more efficient, we’re helping the environment.




We’re working hard to make Lipton Iced Tea bottles recyclable. For now, only our single serve bottles and caps can be recycled. That's because recyclers aren’t always able to separate the label from the bottle. This applies to our jugs and we are working on this and aim to have this sorted by 2021.

In the meantime, you can help us help the environment by putting your Lipton Iced Tea single serve bottles in your domestic recycling bin.



We know that growing numbers of people want to live more sustainably – our Making Purpose Pay research found that one in three people already make purchases with sustainability in mind. Consumers are becoming  more conscious of the difference they can make through their everyday shopping choices.

It's important to people that our products are designed, sourced, transported, sold and used in a sustainable way.  That's why we strive to reduce the environmental impact of our business practices, while increasing our positive social  impact. We want to live in a world where sustainable living is commonplace. We rely on consumers to help build a better way of doing business with our brands.

We work with consumers in areas such as recycling to ensure they’re clear on different disposal methods (e.g.  recycling labels in the US) and collection facilities (e.g. Waste Bank in Indonesia).

The more bottles you recycle, the more rPET becomes available for us to make even more sustainable bottles in the  future.

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