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White Tea

Now here’s something a little special for the tea lover looking to spoil themselves. With a flavour as soft and velvety as its distinctive, fuzzy leaves, White Tea is a deliciously delicate and unique brew. Made from the young unopened buds of the tea plant, White Tea is probably the most minimally processed tea variety there is. Once upon a time its graceful flavours were to only be enjoyed by emperor Huizong of the Chinese Song dynasty, who demanded these extremely rare young tea buds be paid to him as a kind of yearly ‘tea tax’, nowadays this exquisitely flavoured tea can be sipped from cups the world over. So go on and give yourself a little bit of the royal treatment!

White Tea benefits

  • A rather tasty way to help you achieve your daily recommended fluid intake1
  • Contains a plant pigment called flavonoids which are found in plant-based foods such as fruits, vegetables, and chocolate! These compounds may help keep your cardiovascular system healthy2
  • Tea contains L-theanine a unique compound that can improve attention and feelings of alertness when combined with caffeine.
  • Zero calories when served without milk and sugar

Tea time ideas

White tea is exactly the sort of beverage to brew up when you want to give yourself the royal treatment. Champagne pale, soft and sweet, it’s a delicate taste that we think deserves a little time and attention all to itself. If you like munching on something whilst you sip, we think our organic white tea benefits nicely from a fresh and simple pairing that won’t overload its fragile flavours. Something like a healthy, hearty green vegetable salad.

Getting the best from your brew

Despite being such a delicate leaf and gentle flavour, white tea can actually withstand a pretty substantial brew time and temperature. To bring out that beautifully pale colour and sweet aroma, we recommend letting your bag brew anywhere between 1 – 5 minutes, depending on how subtle or upfront you want the tea’s flavours to come through. We also think you should keep a lid on the milk and sugar with this tea—white tea’s wonderful flavour is delicious enough to speak for itself.

1EFSA recommends 2L and 2.5L fluid intake per day for women and men, respectively
2based on a daily consumption of at least 500 mg of flavonoids per day, 3 cups of Tea per day, as part of a healthy diet and lifestyle