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Rooibos TEA

You don’t get much more sunshine soaked than the naturally caffeine free flavour of Rooibos (pronounced roy-boss, FYI). This copper tinted herbal infusion has been enjoyed by South Africans for hundreds of years, and now its refreshing, earthy flavour is getting the recognition it deserves from tea drinkers the world over. Rooibos (also called ‘Red Bush’, if you’re still struggling with the pronunciation) is an incredibly unique herb that’s traditionally only grown in one place on the planet—the stunning Cederberg mountains north of Cape Town, where it thrives beneath the blistering South African sun. It’s an infusion that has a taste not dissimilar to dried fruits, with hints of sweet honey and earthy notes. We think it makes a wonderfully versatile alternative to regular tea and coffee—perfect for all you teadventurous sippers out there.

Rooibos tea benefits

  • A deliciously different way to help you achieve your recommended daily fluid intake1
  • A calorie free treat, when served without milk or sugar 
  • Naturally caffeine free! So the perfect drink for winding down towards the end of the day.

Tea time ideas

Red Rooibos tea’s uniquely earthy, slightly sweet taste is a versatile beastie, pairing just as marvellously well with savoury foods on the fragrant and spicy end of the flavour spectrum as it does teamed up with sweet treats. If you’re a sucker for savoury, we think a cup of rooibos works wonderfully alongside something hearty and aromatic, like a chickpea stew or vegetable curry. Got more of a sweet tooth? Try those earthy flavours with a lovely fresh cinnamon swirl. In short: it’s a tea to enjoy as much with your mains as it is with your dessert! And how’s this for a natural benefit? If you’re conscious of not loading up on caffeine too far into the day, Rooibos’s caffeine free nature makes it an ideal drink when transitioning from the morning’s caffeinated beverages into the evening’s more relaxed drinks. 

Getting the best from your brew

To unlock its full flavour potential, Roobios tea benefits from a solid brew time. We suggest letting the bag steep for a good 4-5 minutes, so go put your feet up and have a quick thumb through what’s new on Instagram. After that, the brew should have developed a beautifully bright copper-brown colour, think the dusty shades of an African sunset, and a good clarity. Roobios is also one of the only herbal infusions that works just as well with a splash of milk as it does plain! So have a play about, see what you prefer more.

1EFSA recommends 2L and 2.5L fluid intake per day for women and men, respectively