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Pu'erh Tea

Ever heard a tea being treated like a wine or a whiskey? Meet Pu’erh, the tea that just keeps on getting better with age. Originating in south-western China, and named after the market town of Pu-erh, these ‘dark’ teas are as far removed from your average brew as you can get. The leaves are compressed into Frisbee shaped cakes or flat rectangular slabs and allowed to mature over the course of months (sometimes even years!), Pu’erh is what you get when creating a tea that uses time and patience as major ingredients. Because of ongoing fermentation, Pu’erh teas continue to change over time. It’s almost like their alive, with their flavours constantly evolving as the years roll by. Because they can mature for decades, disks of Pu’erh are sometimes considered family heirlooms that get passed on from generation to generation!

Pu’erh Tea Benefits

  • A tasty way to help achieve your daily recommended fluid intake1
  • Contains no calories when enjoyed without milk and sugar

Tea time ideas

Pu’erh is about as far from your average tea as you can get. It’s exciting, it’s exotic, it’s a little leftfield, so we think it’s exactly the sort of interesting and exciting tea worth whipping out when you’ve got some friends round. After all, tea is about generating conversations and connections, and what better way to get the conversation started than by sharing a tea that’s guaranteed to expand some horizons?

Depending on how long it’s been left to mature, Pu’eeh can come in a pretty broad spectrum of flavours—everything from a mature and earthy black tea, to something more akin to a traditional green tea (albeit one that has rather robust ‘darker’ undertones). Because of these flavour variations, we think our Pu’erh works well alongside foods that can simultaneously hold their own in taste and texture without being overpowering. Step forward the humble mushroom. Fungal king of the food word, we think a cup of Pu’erh sits brilliantly alongside a lovely meal of garlic mushrooms on toast or hearty plate of creamy mushroom pasta.

Getting the best from your brew

To really experience the full-bodied, dark and earthy flavours of Pu’erh in all their bold brilliance, we recommend a robust brew time of around 3-4 minutes. And the longer you brew it, the stronger, thicker and sweeter these characters will appear. Pu’erh can be enjoyed with or without milk, it’s entirely up to personal taste!

1EFSA recommends 2L and 2.5L fluid intake per day for women and men, respectively
based on a daily consumption of at least 500 mg of flavonoids per day, 3 cups of Tea per day, as part of a healthy diet and lifestyle