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How to Host the Perfect Tea Party 

Is there anything better than afternoon tea? You just can’t beat rich tea, delicate sandwiches, sweet cakes (as a treat), and friends to enjoy them with. 

Here are a few ideas for hosting your own tea party, from menu to decoration ideas.

Tea Party Themes 

Start by deciding on a theme for your tea time extravaganza. From an Alice in Wonderland-inspired birthday for your best friend, to a floral-themed Mother’s Day event, the possibilities are endless.

What You’ll Need  

Make sure you have the following covered.

Tea Set 

Doilies (ornamental table mats)

Cake Stand

A tiered cake stand will show off your cakes and sandwiches in all their glory.

Cake Slices 

More elegant than knives, cake slices are a tea party staple. 

Goody Bags

Old or young, we all love a goody bag. 

Tea Party Invites 

If you’ve got the time, create invites that match your theme. It’s the little touches that make the difference.

Tea Party Decoration Ideas  

Invest in a pretty table cloth and some quirky bunting to finish off the room. Place cards will help guests to get to know each other. Don’t forget the all-important napkins either! 

Tea Party Food Ideas  

The more options, the better, to keep your guests happy. 

Traditional Tea Party Food 

Finger Sandwiches

Remove the crusts for a real British touch.

Sweet Treats 

Think scones with clotted cream and jam, lemon drizzle cake and tea cakes. 

Tea Party Teas

The choice of tea is up to you, but black teas are traditional. 

Lipton® English Breakfast 

Sometimes simple is best. Serve with low fat milk. Keep some sugar handy, in case your guests want to lightly sweeten to taste. 

Lipton® Amazingly Grey

Add a slice of lemon to bring out that citrus flavor.

Lipton® Enticing Chai

A beautiful amber-colored tea with a fragrant and uplifting flavor.

Iced Tea for Tea Parties

Not all tea parties are indoors. Spend a hot summer’s day with friends and iced tea. 

Lipton® Sweet Iced Tea

Both great-tasting and traditional, what more could you want? 

Lipton® Peach Iced Tea 

Perfectly infused real tea with a touch of peach essence. 

Lipton® Green Tea with Citrus 

Instantly refreshing and clean-tasting. 

So dust off your china, start steeping those tea bags and find a reason to celebrate!