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Green Tea


Fresh, clean, and packed with positivity—our Green Tea is a little pick-me-up in a cup. It’s the typical tea of China and Japan, where its revitalising flavours have been bringing tea lovers rejuvenating moments of refreshment for almost 5000 years. Made from the same leaf as black tea, but picked younger for a fresher, lighter flavour, our classic Green Tea blend is a delicate balance of grassy notes and natural earthiness that makes for a deliciously anytime of the day.

Green Tea Benefits

  • A fresh tasting way to meet your recommended daily fluid intake.1
  • Green Tea contains flavonoids. Clever compounds naturally found in plant-based food such as fruits and vegetables that may help keep your cardiovascular system healthy2
  • Not only that, there are more natural flavonoids in just one cup of Lipton Green Tea than in three cups of fresh orange juice (of course orange juice is packed full of vitamin C and other great nutrients).3
  • A zero calories beverage when consumed without milk and sugar.

    Tea time ideas

    We think our Green Tea blend is perfect for those moments during the day when you need a little interlude to re-energise and revive yourself. We think it’s great when you’re gearing yourself up to head out and HIIT the gym or desperately need a dose of pure sunshine in your system before a stressful meeting.

    Traditionally, Green Tea’s clean, fresh flavour pairs particularly well with Asian foods—especially healthy fish dishes, like sushi. But we love to enjoy ours with something sweet, like a chocolate biscuit, that teams up terrifically with the teas’ cleansing cut through.

    Getting the best from your brew

    If you’ve ever sampled a Green Tea and found it a bit on the bitter side, it’s likely because it’s been steeping for a little too long. Our Green Teabenefits from gently brewing in boiled water that’s been left to cool a little. This helps really coax out those lovely, fresh and energising flavours. To stop the taste turning bitter, we recommend only letting the tea to steep for up to 2 minutes.

    1EFSA recommends 2L and 2.5L fluid intake per day for women and men, respectively.
    2Unilever proprietary data. Flavonoid content has been calculated using the USDA database for the Flavonoid Content of Selected Foods, Release 3.1 (May 2014) (NDB No. 09206). A cup of Lipton Green Tea and fresh orange juice is 8 fluid ounces.
    3Green Tea contains approximately 276 mg per 200 ml of flavonoids. Based on USDA Database for the Flavonoid Content of Selected Foods, Release 3.1 (June 2013) NDB No. 14653.
    based on a daily consumption of at least 500 mg of flavonoids per day, 2 cups of Green Tea per day, as part of a healthy diet and lifestyle.
    daily consumption of approximately 600mg catechins over a period of 8-12weeks. 7-8 cups of Green Tea provides approximately 600mg of catechins. To be consumed as part of a balanced diet and active lifestyle.