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True friends


In a world of screens and memes, forging real connections can feel like a tough challenge. But it doesn’t have to be. Often the people who will enrich our lives the most are sitting right in front of us – we just have to look up and see them. It takes a little bit of creativity and courage, but it’s worth it.

Every friendship has to start somewhere and it’s usually with ‘hello’. It’s the tiny leap of faith that will take you into a place of having the best times building memories together. Next time you spot a person who looks cool and fun, don’t shrink away – muster up your courage and say hi. Compliment their shoes. Ask the name of their dog. Anyone who is quality friend material will respond kindly. We promise.

Sometimes the best place to look for like-minded friends is in the past. Remember that girl you swapped jokes with before chemistry lessons? Or your housemates from university who used to binge-watch Wes Anderson films with you? Get in touch! You got along back in the day, so chances are you will now, too. At the very least you’ll get a trip down memory lane.

True friendships start with common ground. Cooking, books, sports, going to gigs – the world’s your oyster when it comes to clubs. Join one or start your own if there isn’t a local organisation covering your particular interest. Create an online group to gauge interest, then set the date for your first event. Make sure there are snacks and plenty of Lipton Ice Tea. You’ll know for certain that everyone who shows up is into the same thing you are, and that’s half the battle won.

Sure, lots of people meet their romantic partners at work, but it’s just as common to meet your BFF there. Think about it. Every silly thing that happens, when you ‘had to be there’ – they were! That’s where the solidarity comes in. Sometimes a work friendship only lasts as long as you’re at the same company, but it can also be a lifelong bond. 

Would you volunteer at a soup kitchen? Or a home for older people? Aside from meeting people from all walks of life with interesting stories to tell, people who volunteer are generally compassionate, kind-hearted souls who care about others. Not only will you be giving back to your community, you’ll find kindred spirits in the people who have decided it’s important to do the same. Definitely a win-win situation.