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Music, friends and the chance to dress up? Sounds like the perfect weekend to us. These days there’s a festival for everyone. So gather your gang and some supplies. Here’s how you can kick back and let the good times roll.

Who will be by your side as you rock out to your favourite bands? These are memories (and Instagram posts) you’ll have forever, so make sure your best mates are in. Choose your group wisely – you’ll be spending loads of time together. But the best part? You’ll meet a lot of new faces while you’re there.

So what if there’s three days’ worth of dirt caked on you? Be fully committed to your festival look to stand out from the crowd. This might require some gigantic headwear – anything from a Stetson to a flower crown. Bring options. This is the moment to be your own hero, fashion-wise. Veteran festival-goers have been known to set up a group tent that functions as a kind of dressing up box. When in doubt, get out the glitter and fluorescent body paint. Lots and lots of it.

There’s a delicate balance to be struck with festival camping gear. You want yours to stand up to the occasion and be practical, but don’t worry about it too much. Your tent should be warm and waterproof – that’s non-negotiable. And just a bit bigger than you think you need. So, for two people, take a three-person tent. Because, your stuff. And why not have some fun with it? Remember, you have to find it amongst thousands of others, so why not get your mates together beforehand and create your own flag? Everyone else will probably be doing it, so make sure it’s unique.

Yes, there are food trucks and drink carts at festivals. But if you depend on them solely for sustenance, you’ll never hear any music. Bring healthy snacks and plenty of liquids. Water and Lipton Ice Tea, obviously. For an extra treat, why not mix your own mocktails with Lipton Ice Tea? See our recipes for inspiration. Also, never forget a portable phone charger, small first aid kit and torch.

Turn it into a game. When was the last time you went on a treasure hunt? Now is your chance. Make a list before the festival and on day two, when energy might be flagging, get it out and get hunting. Whoever wins will have their Lipton Ice Tea drinks mixed and served to them for the rest of the night. Win, win.

Remember, you’re at a festival. This may not be the real world, but it’s your world for a few days and there’s endless fun to be had if you stay open to it. Try something new. Check out music acts that you wouldn’t normally, sample new types of food, get dirty, do something outrageous. It’s all in the name of adventure, so what are you waiting for?