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  1. Egypt is the largest market for tea in the Middle East & North Africa area With our two top Black teas in Egypt "Koshari" Tea and "Saidi" tea, literally being the top national way to pass time, in conjunction with Tobacco, Egypt leads as the top consumer of tea in the region. Koshari tea is prepared by traditional steeping methods, while Saidi tea is prepared by boiling the tea with the water on a flame in addition to copious amounts of sugar. 

  2. It takes 2000 tea leaves to make one pound of tea. One pound of tea will make 181 cups of tea. Lipton Black Tea pack its loose leaf tea in half pound boxes, which gives you 90 cups per box! 

  3. Tea was originally considered dangerous In the 17th century, scientists thought that tea was bad for your health. This was due to an article published by a French doctor in 1706 that declared most hot liquors and hot caffeinated beverages as dangerous medicines, that caused heat inside the body that would eventually lead to death. He urged people to consume these in moderation. 

  4. Some cultures add butter to their tea In the Himalayas, it is not uncommon to add butter to your milk and tea. It is believed that the fat and salt will keep you better hydrated at that altitude. 

  5. Tea is associated with weight loss Green teas in particular have been associated with boosting your metabolism and helping you workout. They also keep you feeling full throughout the day if you consume two to three cups a day. 

  6. Tea does not dehydrate you Despite popular belief that tea dehydrates you, a crossover study on the Tea Advisor's website showed how 21 participants, 20 to 55 years old, were monitored for hydration across a 24 hour period. Half of the group consumed a litre of water while the other group consumed 6 mugs of tea, and both exhibited the same hydration levels. 

  7. Iced Tea was invented by the British as early as 1904 It is believed that Ice Tea was invented in 1904 by a British tea merchant named Richard Blechynden. The biggest challenge at the time was finding and maintain the ice itself. 

  8. Tea absorbs moisture and can therefore be used to store items You can throw a teabag in to a bag of chips to keep it crispy, or with clothes you store to keep them from getting moldy. 

  9. Tea trees can grow super tall A tea tree can grow up to 52 feet long, if you don't harvest its leaves. Tea trees that are harvested tend to be shorter and grow only up to your waist height. 

  10. Lipton is the world's leading tea brand Sold in over 150 countries in the world. Lipton Tea that was created by sir Thomas Lipton in 1871 was originally a product sold in his grocery store named Lipton at the time. It has since grown to be the leading brand around the globe.



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