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Ready-to-Drink Bottled Iced Tea

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At this time, we are not distributing free samples or coupons for our products.

Our teas are date stamped for your convenience. Tea shelf life varies by the type of tea. Most of our teas, including Black, Iced Tea Brew, Cold Brew Tea, Herbal, Black Flavored Teas, Earl Grey and English Breakfast, can be enjoyed up to 18 months from the production date. Lipton Ice Tea includes a  date on the bottle for your convenience. 

Most Lipton teas are available at your local grocers or e-retailers. Some blends however were specially designed for restaurants via Unilever Food Solutions group.

No, green tea is not caffeine-free.  A brewed cup of Green tea has slightly less caffeine than a brewed cup of black tea (45 milligrams vs. 55 milligrams).  However, caffeine content of either black or green tea depends on the preparation method, brewing time, the amount of tea leaves used, and the size of the tea bags.

We don’t recommend re-using your tea bags.  Our tea bags are meant for a single use and will yield the proper flavour and colour when following the directions on the box.

Most of our teas are indeed kosher. The following teas are certified OU Kosher: Lipton Black Tea (loose and tea bags), Decaf Black Tea, English Breakfast, Earl Grey, all Lipton Green Teas (including Decaf and flavoured), all Lipton Powdered Tea Mixes and all Lipton Flavoured Black and Herbal Teas.

For best quality refrigerate after opening and consume within 3 days.

Lipton teas are easy to brew and usually take less than 5 minutes to prepare. Instructions can be found on product pages and additional recipes can be found on our recipes page here.

Herbal teas generally do not have caffeine because they are not made from traditional tea leaves.  They typically include leaves, flowers, bark, seeds, stems or roots from a wide variety of plants. Lipton herbal teas are special blends of natural grain, fruit flavours and sweet spices, leaves, flowers and roots.

Lipton Teas can be found in your local supermarkets, convenience stores, selected food outlets and various e-retailers. 

Tea itself does not exist as a genetically modified crop, therefore most of our bagged tea is not GMO. A full list of current Unilever offerings that are non-GMO, including Lipton products can be found here. Some ready-to-drink teas and powder tea mixes may include sweetener that is made from GMO crops, such as sugar made from sugar beets.

For information on Ready-To-Drink Tea, please click here.

Lipton® is proud that 100% of our leaf tea sold in AU is Rainforest Alliance Certified™, whether it is produced at our own tea estates in Kericho Kenya or at our partner tea estates and smallholder farmers around the world. Through our commitment to Rainforest Alliance, we ensure sustainability from crop to cup.

For information on Ready-To-Drink Tea, please click here.

The Rainforest Alliance is an independent organization that works with individuals, communities and companies who depend on the land, to reduce environmental impacts and increase social and economic benefits. Your choice of Rainforest Alliance (page will open in new window) Certified™ Lipton® Tea supports farmers working to improve their livelihoods and those of their families while protecting the planet for the future. For more info check here.

While we don't currently make gluten-free label claims, none of the ingredients in our products are derived from grains or flours that have been linked to malabsorption syndrome associated with gluten sensitivity. 

According to the United Nations Commission on Environment and Development, sustainable development “meets the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs”.

Our beverages are shelf stable which means they don't need to be refrigerated prior to opening.  However, we do recommend refrigeration after opening to maintain freshness. 

Yes! Our bottles are marked as recyclable.

No, at this time we don't have a decaffeinated version of our iced teas.

Right now we’re not pursuing any individual or corporate sponsorship requests, but thanks for offering!

To find out what makes up each on of our teas, you can visit our product section here and select the type of tea you’re interested in. There you’ll find a full list of ingredients, as well as nutritional information.