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Delicate, light and fragrant, the perfect cup of green tea will lift your spirits, add a spring to your step and give you a great big smile inside. No wonder it’s a favourite pick-me-up for people around the world.

How To Make Green Tea
Making the perfect green tea is really easy, but you have to do it just right. Follow these simple steps to brew a green tea so lovely you’ll want another as soon as it’s finished.

Choose How Many Tea Bags
If you’re making a single cup of green tea, add one teabag to your cup or glass. If you’re brewing a pot of tea, add two or more of your favourite green tea bags, depending on how strong you like it. Or, use teapot bags to keep things even simpler.

Use Fresh Water
Ideally, you want soft water rather than hard water for your brew. And always go for fresh over already-boiled or diffused water, as both of these will give you a flat-tasting tea.

green tea

Make Sure It Boils

Make sure you heat your water in a kettle or in a pan on the stove - until it boils. This is important because the bubbles that appear at boiling point are carbon leaving the water. This in turn decreases the acidity of the water and makes your brew take on a clearer colour.

Don’t heat water using a microwave. You’ll lose that full-flavour taste and the tea will have a scummy surface (not a good look). After boiling, let the water rest for a few minutes to cool slightly. Then pour.


Pour With Power
Have your teabag(s) ready in the bottom of your cup or teapot and pour the hot water on top. The action of the water hitting the bag will help release the tea’s flavour and aroma quicker. 

Brew According To Taste
Let the tea brew for 1 to 2 minutes. During this time, a clear, verdant colour will develop along with a full-bodied flavour and aroma. If you want a punchier taste and are happy to sacrifice a little aroma, let the tea brew for between 2 and 3 minutes. For the fullest flavour impact, leave it to brew for 3 minutes. 

After finishing a cup of this, you’ll be ready to take on the world.