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iced herbal tea
About Tea

Iced herbal teas for all the family

These refreshing blends, Summer Fruits and Peach Mango, are packed full of natural flavour and are a delicious alternative to plain water. Now everyone can feel good about serving these to their families.

A Fruity Family Favorite

Our very own Lipton® tea blenders have masterfully combined a variety of herbs to create some deliciously mouth-watering flavours. The likes of rosehips, hibiscus and chamomile flowers, orange peel, licorice root, and lemon grass have been expertly brought together so adults and kids alike can now enjoy a delightful blend of tart, sweet, zesty and all-round refreshing. 
Another reason to feel good about these tasty teas is that, when served, they’re 99.5% water. This makes Lipton® Herbal Tea just as hydrating as water which helps all our bodies run at their tip-top best

Brew A Great Blend

A variety of ingredients for great blends:

• Rosehips. Give a rosy colouring to your cup of herbal tea.

• Hibiscus flowers. Adds in a sweet, tart, floral note so you don't need to add sugar!

• Chamomile flowers. These petals have a mild and slightly floral note for optimum flower power.

• Orange peel: A sweet, zesty, citrus inclusion with a delicious aroma.

• Lemongrass: A bright citrusy flavour grounded by herbal notes, reminiscent of your lemon and water. 

brew tea


How To Brew Herbal Tea

Ready for a deliciously refreshing drink? Here’s how to make two quarts of iced herbal tea.

  1. First, brew four cups of boiling water.
  2. Add two tea bags and brew for four to five minutes.
  3. Fill with four cups of ice and enjoy!

Top tip 1: Don’t re-use your bags. Each tea bag is meant for a single use. Follow the directions on the box to get the very best flavor and color.

Top tip 2: If you want to get a bit creative, try mixing things up a little with one of the following combinations:

• Juicy Summer Fruits Iced Herbal Tea Pops with Mixed Fruit. With our Summer Fruits Herbal Tea as its base, this refreshing pop drink with loads of added fruit is the perfect indulgence for those hot summer months.

• A pitcher of iced Summer Fruits with Oranges & Limes. We’re licking our lips just thinking about this. Made with our Summer Fruits Herbal Tea and slices of orange and lime, you won’t be able to have just one glass of this delicious iced treat.

• A pitcher of Peach Mango Iced Herbal Tea with Cranberries. If you like your ice tea with a bit of a nip, then you’ll absolutely love this. Made with Peach Mango Herbal Tea as a base, the cranberries add the perfect zest to this wonderfully flavourful drink.