GREEN TEA FOR WELLBEING YOUR WAYGREEN TEA FOR WELLBEING YOUR WAYFresh, clean, and packed with positivity—Lipton Green Tea can help you make the most of everyday.// TEA FOR WELLBEING YOUR WAYGREEN TEA FOR WELLBEING YOUR WAY800800




Fresh, clean, and packed with positivity—our green tea can help you make the most of everyday. It’s the typical tea of China and Japan, where its revitalizing flavours have been bringing tea lovers moments of refreshment for almost 5000 years. 

Made from the same leaf as black tea, but picked younger for a fresher, lighter flavour, our classic green tea blend is a delicate balance of grassy notes and natural earthiness that makes for a hydrating mid- morning pick-me-up or a delicious afternoon refresher.

Benefits Of Green Tea

Green tea gives you the uplift you need to stay focused and embrace whatever comes your way.

  • Tea is a delicious way to help you stay hydrated: The first ingredient in tea is water, which is needed by your body to run at its best. Tea is 99.5% water making it just as hydrating and refreshing as water. Don’t be daunted by the chore of hydrating. Sit back, sip, enjoy!

  • Brewed tea has less caffeine than coffee*. For those looking for less caffeine, green tea has about one third of the caffeine as coffee and keeps you hydrated!

  • Unsweetened tea contains zero calories: Choosing beverages with no added sugars in place of sugar-sweetened beverages can contribute to a healthy diet consistent with dietary guidelines. Looking for a twist? Try adding some fruit or herbs for a fresher take on our green tea!

Tea Time

We think our green tea blend is perfect for those moments during the day when you need a few moments to re-energize and revive yourself. It’s perfect for the morning - to help you gear yourself up for the day. And Iced or hot, our smooth green tea is a great accompaniment to breakfast, lunch or dinner. If you’re craving something sweet and fruity, turn to our green tea with mandarin orange!

Get The Best From Your Brew

If you’ve ever sampled a green tea and found it a little on the bitter side, it’s likely because it’s been steeping for a little too long. Our Green Tea benefits from brewing in boiled water that’s been left to cool a little. This helps to coax out those lovely, fresh and energizing flavors. If you prefer your green tea to have a bite to it, steep for longer than 2 minutes. 

Beyond The Brew: Fun Facts

  • Now that you know about the benefits of green tea, find out how Lipton benefits others through our sustainable sourcing practices and partnership with the Rainforest Alliance!

  • Did you know that Lipton tea traces its roots back to 1890 when Sir Thomas Lipton imported his first shipment? Read about how he revolutionized tea to make it accessible to all here!

  • *Green tea has 28mg of caffeine per cup and brewed coffee has 95mg per cup.