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Our purpose



Since 1880, nature has been our tea factory. Every cup of Lipton tea is grown using natural rain, wind and sunshine to give you our signature rich taste and aroma. What’s more, we believe that every cup of our tea should not only help brighten your day but help brighten the future of all our tea farmers and their families, and of course, our planet too.


Lipton Ice Tea is made from sun-soaked tea leaves and sun-ripened fruits, giving you that delicious, refreshing taste to brighten up your day. Simply grab your favourite flavour and experience the taste of sunshine in a bottle.

Lipton® is Refreshingly Optimistic

Lipton® is Refreshingly Optimistic

Lipton® has always led the way for tea. From Sir Thomas Lipton's innovative Lipton® tea estate, to his exciting marketing promotions - Lipton® has always been ahead of the curve. Lipton® is doing more than ever to ensure that our refreshing tea tastes great not just today, but for years to come.