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Japanese tea ceremonies are perhaps one of the most famous tea traditions. They’re seen as a sacred event, with tea masters training for years to perfect their technique.

Japanese Tea Ceremony History

While the Japanese have been drinking green tea since the fourth century, it wasn’t until the eighth century that the tradition of formal tea ceremonies began.

Japanese tea ceremonies are influenced by Zen Buddhism. Each ritual is choreographed to perfectly prepare and serve powdered Japanese Matcha green tea.

As Matcha tea has a bitter taste, Japanese sweets are also a key part of the tea ceremony experience.

Tea Ceremonies Today in Japan

It takes years to become fully trained in the art of Japanese tea ceremonies. As a result, for a long time Japanese tea ceremonies were only popular with wealthier social groups.

What to Serve at Your Modern Tea Ceremony

Though it’s customary to serve Matcha tea at a traditional Japanese ceremony, the choice is up to you. There are hundreds of different tea blends that will work just as well.

Try sweet Lipton® Red Goji Raspberry Green Tea or refreshing Lipton® Peach Mango White Tea. If you do want to stick with tradition, Lipton® Magnificent Matcha Ginger is a fiery, earthy tea perfect for adding some spice to your modern tea ceremony.

How to Decorate Your Modern Tea Ceremony

At traditional Japanese tea ceremonies the host will often display a piece of simple calligraphy or art on a scroll.

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