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Tea is so important to Chinese culture, it has its own ceremony.

The History of the Chinese Tea Ceremony

Originally, Chinese tea ceremonies were known as “Cha Dao”. The earliest descriptions of them come from the Tang Dynasty (618–907 AD).


The Meaning of Chinese Tea Ceremonies

Gong Fu ceremonies traditionally represent the respect the host has for their guests and nature. The Chinese tea ceremony is described as being home to peace, tranquillity, enjoyment and truth.


What You Need

  • A small teapot.
  • A larger teapot.
  • A kettle.
  • Teacups without handles.
  • A small wooden tray.
  • A wooden or porcelain spoon.
  • Wooden or bamboo teacup holders.
  • Your choice of tea.


Which Tea Should You Use?

You should traditionally use loose leaf green, oolong, or black tea for Chinese tea time.


How to Perform a Chinese Tea Ceremony

Follow the simple steps below to host a Chinese tea ceremony.


Preparing the Tea

  • Put your teabags in the small teapot. Place the pot on the wooden tray.
  • Line your small cups up on the tray.
  • Boil some water and add it to your larger teapot.
  • Pour the water from the large teapot into the smaller teapot, from a height. The tray should catch any spills, but watch out for splashes of hot water.
  • Once your small teapot is full, immediately pour some of the hot water out into your small cups. This will warm the cups up.
  • Pour the hot water inside the teacups back out over the small teapot. You’re ready to serve.


Serving the Tea:

  • First, fill the small teapot with hot water, pouring from a height. Be careful to avoid any splashes or spills.
  • Pour tea into the small cups. Place each cup in a holder, and offer it to your guests.
  • Repeat the last two steps for each round of tea until there’s none left.