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Lemon Ice Tea 240ml
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Lemon Ice Tea 240ml

An outstanding on-the-go refresher. Lipton adds zesty lemon flavor to its classic ice black tea blend for an exceptional ice tea taste. Enjoy the taste of sunshine from Lipton Iced Tea & live a light and active life.
Non-carbonated drink with tea extracts and Lemon Flavor ##Lipton Ice Tea Lemon hits the spot every time, the perfect refreshing drink ##The outstanding on-the-go refresher ##Delicious taste that refreshes your body and mind ##Helps you live a light and active lifestyle ###Water, sugar, acidulant (citric acid), black tea extract (0.14%), peach juice from concentrate (0.1%), nature identical peach flavour, antioxidant (ascorbic acid), sweetener (steviol glycosides 50 mg/l)