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A cut through flavor and balanced taste in every sip

Lipton Yellow Label's signature flavour is the perfect combination of the best of nature and the craft of tea blending.

At Lipton, we have high standards in tea picking. For optimum quality and authentic flavour, we select only the best parts of the tea leaves - the top leaves and bud - from our finest tea gardens around the world. A team of tea experts then passionately blends them to create our signature Lipton Yellow Label flavour.

The result is a unique, high quality tea that awakens the senses and is very smooth and refreshing to drink. You can enjoy balanced, crisp, aromatic notes of fresh, young tea leaves in the top notes. The taste is full-bodied, smooth, which makes it so pleasant to drink. This 100% natural tea has a beautiful golden amber colour with reddish tones.


To get all the benefits of drinking black tea, we recommend steeping your tea bag for 2-3 minutes in freshly boiled water until it develops a rich, amber colour. Of course, you can adjust the steeping time to your preference - a longer steeping time gives a richer flavour.

Lipton Yellow Label is the true signature experience of the world's number one tea*

*Source: Euromonitor International Ltd, based on Hot Tea and RTD Tea Retail Value Shares combined, RSP, 2022 data.