Japanese Matcha Green Tea and its BenefitsJapanese Matcha Green Tea and its BenefitsFollow the fascinating journey Matcha makes from tea field to teabag and discover the many benefits of Matcha tea. //images.ctfassets.net/e8bhhtr91vp3/6BByX4552FirOnEX0B42Hh/6975058ef88b0891824b0d46a3f12642/iStock-899479150.webp?w=800&q=80Japanese Matcha Green Tea and its BenefitsJapanese Matcha Green Tea and its Benefits800800
Japanese Matcha and its benefits


Japanese Matcha Green Tea and its Benefits

Japanese Matcha and its benefits
Japanese Matcha and its benefits

Love green tea but need an extra boost? Meet your perfect Matcha!

You’ve probably heard of it. You may even have tried it. You’ll definitely love it. From the tea fields of Japan to teacups all over the world, the Matcha revolution is in full swing. We’re surprised it’s taken so long. Matcha tea’s smooth, subtle flavour offers a sensory delight, and the benefits don’t stop there.

The Matcha tea journey

Traditionally used in formal Japanese tea ceremonies, Matcha is a form of green tea that has attracted a lot of attention recently, making cameos in everything from cakes and ice creams to lattes and milkshakes.

Matcha’s bright green color makes it endlessly photogenic — it’s certainly popped up on your Instagram feed. So what Japanese Matcha tea? Vivid green Matcha tea is essentially a finely-powdered version of regular green tea. Matcha is crafted from the chlorophyll-rich leaves of shade-grown camellia sinensis plants. The leaves are steamed and dried and ground into a fine powder.

The savoury umami flavour is distinct from other green tea variations, and Matcha is a wonderful starting point for exploring the green end of the tea spectrum.

Matcha tea benefits

  • Like other green teas, Matcha tea delivers a catechin boost in every cup, and is even richer in some essential catechins than other forms of green tea.

  • Find your focus with Matcha. With a healthy dose of caffeine, Matcha tea can help you to hone your focus.

  • Unsweetened Matcha Green Tea is a delicious zero-calorie drink. Replacing two sweetened drinks a day with unsweetened Matcha tea can help you to achieve weight-loss goals and stay in shape.

  • Lipton Matcha Green Tea can help to keep you hydrated, as it’s 99.5% water and tasty to boot!

Lipton Green Tea with Pure Matcha delivers the smooth, earthy taste of Matcha and the goodness of green tea. It’s the perfect addition to a healthy lifestyle!

How to prepare Matcha tea? We’re glad you asked. Many people are put off by traditional Japanese Matcha tea preparation, which involves sifting Matcha powder and whisking it into hot water. That’s why we’ve made preparing our Lipton Green Tea with Matcha 100% foolproof.

To feel the full Matcha tea benefits, we recommend letting your Lipton teabag brew in slightly cooled boiled water for 1.5 – 2 minutes. This is just long enough to give your Matcha tea a fresh, bright flavour with just a hint of haziness and those characteristic umami overtones. Is there anything prettier than the emerald green of a freshly brewed Matcha? It’s a treat for the eyes as well as for the taste buds.

Once brewed, Matcha tea can be enjoyed hot or cold!