What are the benefits of Green Tea for weight loss?What are the benefits of Green Tea for weight loss?Learn how Lipton's green tea can help you lose weight naturally. Discover its amazing benefits for a healthier you.//images.ctfassets.net/e8bhhtr91vp3/NViWa7fuOp8xcZQl0aWHT/dac8cb75e6deab7974465ac9b44a3d4d/orange_mint_green_tea_recipe_banner_3.jpg?w=800&q=80What are the benefits of Green Tea for weight loss?What are the benefits of Green Tea for weight loss?800800
organic mint tea


What are the benefits of Green Tea for weight loss?

organic mint tea
organic mint tea

We read a lot these days about green tea and weight loss, but can it really help you to lose weight? Experts say drinking 2 cups of green tea a day instead of calorific drinks can help you to stay in shape.

Advantages of green tea for weight loss

Green tea has several health benefits that make it perfect to include in your healthy diet to promote weight loss and stay in shape.

Flavonoids, green tea and weight loss

Green tea is high in flavonoids, which studies have linked to faster fat burning and increased metabolism.

Zero calories, all the hydration

Green tea with no milk or sugar is a tasty calorie-free drink either hot or cold and gives you just as much hydration as a glass of water. Drink green tea as a relaxing warm drink or try it as iced tea to cool you down after a workout.

Add some zip to your workout

Studies show that the small amount of caffeine in green tea can add a quick energy boost that could help you take your workout to the next level. A cup of green tea before working out could level up your workout, burn more fat and achieve your fitness goals more easily. Green tea after workout will also help rehydrate you as tea is 99.5% water.

When to drink green tea for weight loss

Wondering what is the best time to drink green tea? Experts recommend replacing calorific drinks with two cups of unsweetened green tea a day to help you achieve weight loss goals and stay in shape. Try a cup an hour or two after breakfast and another after lunch. Green tea has a ⅓ of the caffeine of coffee, but if you are sensitive to caffeine avoid drinking it close to bedtime.