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Explore Our Green Tea Range Packed with Bioactives

Lipton selects the finest quality tea leaves from the best tea gardens around the world to craft the Lipton Yellow Label tea that blends together the best qualities of tea leaves from Africa and Asia.

Red volcanic soil is rich and provides the tea plant with the nutrients it needs to thrive, giving the teas produced some unique quality and taste. In terms of flavor, Kenyan teas have a strong, robust flavor, with a full-bodied taste that is often described as brisk and lively. They are known for their bright and coppery color and have a distinctive aroma that is both floral and fruity.

East African Countries

East Africa teas have a subtle and mellow flavor, with a delicate sweetness and light floral notes as well as their bright red and golden appearance. They are often described as having a smooth and refreshing natural taste. They are a favorite among tea lovers who appreciate the unique taste and aroma of African teas.


South Indian teas are known for their complex and nuanced flavors and aromas.