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Offer Your Guests
A Premium Golden Experience

Offer your guests a premium golden experience

Coming to you in a completely new luxurious and premium golden packaging, your tea experience is bound to be exceptional with Lipton Gold Label.

Every Lipton Gold Label tea bag is individually wrapped to retain its freshness and can be used to serve your guests. You can also enjoy the premium golden tea experience wherever you go.

Not only are our tea leaves carefully crafted and taken care of, but they are also packed with caution and delicacy so that their intense and exquisite aroma is maintained.

The premium golden experience starts from the moment you open the golden sachet. This elegant, classy, and golden packaging is the key to Lipton Gold Label’s premium and ultimate experience.

The tea bag gives room for the tea leaves to brew, letting the golden flavor flow smoothly for a tasteful cup of black tea like you have never experienced before.

Relish every sip of Lipton Gold Label and get ready to elevate your senses and your experience, starting with the luxurious and premium packaging, to the exceptional and charming golden shades in your cup, and finally with the aromatic and indulgent golden flavor.