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Lipton Gold Label, a journey of
aroma, indulgence and freshness

Lipton Gold Label, a journey of Aroma and Indulgence

Our new Lipton Gold Label will take you on a delightful journey of Aroma, Indulgence, and Freshness with its delicate and exquisite black tea.

Our carefully selected tea, made of the finest leaves cultivated by pure nature, allows the taste to linger in your mouth. With the aromatic top notes that cater specifically to the Arab taste buds, you are bound to have a delightful premium experience.

The source of our infinite Lipton Gold label delight and its tremendous golden flavor begins with the process of expertly choosing the finest tea leaves, the refined cultivation, the artful process of drying the leaves and ultimately the perfect brewing technique.

Sip your Lipton Gold Label slowly to allow the exquisite and indulgent golden taste to seep through different parts of your mouth while stimulating your taste buds with a strong aromatic flavor, intensifying the mouthfeel aroma.

Craving the golden taste of Lipton is desiring a different and distinctive experience of exquisite indulgence, pleasant freshness and intense aroma in a cup of black tea.

It is time to elevate your tasting experience to a premium level with Lipton Gold Label. A unique, mesmerizing cup of black tea that will take you on a delightful journey you’ve never experienced before.