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Lipton aims to reduce plastic waste by making the most of materials during their lifespan. We’re rolling out our ‘circular economy’ approach, materials flow constantly round a closed loop instead of being used once and discarded. By reusing plastic bottles, we hope to reduce plastic waste in the ocean.


We’re focusing our efforts in three areas:

(1) Reducing our use of materials

(2) Using more recycled content

(3) Ensuring our packaging is recyclable and where applicable, compostable.





Lipton is aware of the impact of plastic on the environment. We know it will take more than reusable plastic bags to make a difference. That’s why, by 2020, we aim to:

• Reduce the weight of our tea box packaging by a third
• Halve the amount of waste produced by the disposal of our hot tea products

To do this, we’re designing products that use less raw materials and are easier to recycle. Our family-size boxes now use over 40% less packaging material.

When it comes to our ready to drink products we’ve cut the amount of plastic required to make our bottles.



• Our current model of plastic consumption isn’t working as well as it should: packaging is used, then discarded. This has resulted in a vast amount of plastic waste in our oceans. In January 2017, Unilever committed itself to making 100% of its plastic packaging fully reusable, recyclable or compostable by 2025.

• To help create an end market for this material, we're also committed to  increasing recycled plastic content in our packaging to at least 25% by 2025.

Alternative options

What can recycled
plastic be used for?

Whenever possible, we use recycled plastic (rPET) to create our bottles. rPET is made from existing materials, reducing the demand for newly made plastic.

There currently isn’t enough rPET available to make every bottle from 100% recycled material. We're making progress, though. In  France and Germany, half our bottles are now made with rPET.

With your help, we can reduce plastic’s impact on the planet. The more  bottles you recycle, the more rPET becomes available to make recycled  bottles in the future.

Our strategy for

Waste reduction

We recycle and reduce plastic waste wherever possible. In one local scheme in Kenya, our waste is being turned into jewelry! Not only has this produced a profitable business, it has shown people how to reuse plastic, as well as providing jobs for dozens of women.


Our journey towards a
more sustainable future
doesn’t end there....

We are currently working on new types of products and packaging to help reduce our carbon footprint.

We’re working with our global partners to take recycling to the next level. Watch this space!

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